Light-intelligent lenses


Transitions lenses are regular clear lenses made to your corrective specifications with light-intelligent molecular technology that enables them to automatically darken when exposed to sunlight, but lighten when indoors. They are suitable for all ages (particularly for children) and are available in lenses for farsighted and progressive correction to add special style to your appearance and unbelievable comfort in your eyesight so that you don’t have to carry around 2 pairs of glasses – one for vision and one for the sun.

Transitions Gen8


With new-generation Transitions Gen8, the lenses:

  • Activate 30% faster and are 11% darker than previous generation lenses.
  • Fade back to clear in 3′ less than previous generation lenses.
  • Reduce visual glare and symptoms of eye strain.
  • Block 100% UV rays.
  • Protect against harmful blue light from digital devices and the sun.
  • Available in 4 new colours for every style.

Two more members


Transitions Xtractive are the only lenses that activate inside the car (“behind the windshield”), something which wasn’t previously possible. They retain a slight tint (5%) indoors for maximum protection and comfort when using your favourite electronic devices. They are ideal for light-sensitive individuals.

Transitions Drivewear are special lenses for driving which are both photochromic and polarising. They are best suited to professional drivers and individuals who drive more than 1 hour a day. This type of lens is NOT suitable for night-time driving.

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