Personalised progressive lenses


Progressive lenses, also called multifocal lenses, are engineered to provide clear vision at 3 different distances (far – medium – near) with a single pair of eyeglasses. Varilux – the No1 company in sales of progressive lenses, leads the way by introducing the Varilux X Series. Its flagship, Varilux Xclusive 4D, is the only lens in the world to minimise the wearer’s need to adjust head position in order to focus and see clearly at any distance and offers:

  • Complete freedom of movement
  • Greater fields of vision
  • Sharp vision at any distance
  • Shorter adjustment period

Personalised refraction


With the help of the Vision R-800, we can quickly (8-10 minutes) measure your refractive error within an accuracy of 0.01 DS (unit of measurement for the optical power of a lens), rather than the 0.25 DS available up to now. These measurements allow us to fabricate the prescribed correction in your progressive lens with greater precision, rather than rounding it off. That way, you wear exactly the correction you need – neither more nor less – and your progressive eyeglasses are easier to get used to.

Personalised optical centre


Once you have selected the right frames for your progressive lenses, we turn to the Visioffice 2 system that measures the optical centres and provides at least 15 other parameters related to body posture, facial physiology and visual behaviour. The procedure is simple: You sit in front of the device, which looks like a pillar and has a mirror and internal camera. You clip on a special metal frame over the spectacle frames you have selected and a series of measurements are taken. The process takes less than 3 minutes. We use these measurements to order and fabricate a fully personalised pair of progressive-lens eyeglasses just for you.

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Selecting the right frames, learning about our innovative products and the special measurements using our equipment are all procedures that take time. Contact us and arrange an appointment so we can spend as much time as necessary to meet your needs.