We have our own optical lens workshop with a state-of-the-art grinding wheel and numerous tools and microtools to achieve a perfect visual and aesthetic result, even for stronger corrections. If you need to change your prescription, you will only be without your frames for a short time. Our workshop is also equipped with an ultrasonic cleaner that cleans your frames and lenses to maximise coating durability.

Vision R-800


We are the only opticians in Greece with a Vision R-800 phoropter to precisely measure refraction. Your refraction can be measured within 0.01 DS, instead of the 0.25 DS available until now. Research has shown that 95% of human eyes are sensitive to changes less than 0.125 DS in at least one test during examination. This way, we can fabricate personalised optical lenses with total precision and cut testing time by half, so your body and eyes don’t get tired from lengthy manual testing. We can also show you how you will be able to see in real-life conditions with your new prescription.

Visioffice 2


Aside from finding optical centres and eye rotation centres (ERC), Visioffice 2 measures at least 15 other parameters related to visual behaviour, the frames and the physiology of your face. By collating these 3D measurements, we can fabricate a completely personalised lens. We can also photograph or take a video of you wearing your selected frames and send it to your friends or family to get their opinion.

Tess Tracer


The Tess Tracer helps us accurately determine and tell you the thickness and weight of your lenses. That way, you will know the final aesthetic result in advance. With this information in hand, we can recommend the ideal frames for your prescription as well as the appropriate thickness to avoid shrinking / enlarging your eyes , even with stronger corrections, and to prevent unpleasant surprises.

Autorefractor keratometer


A significant percentage of people correct their eyesight with contact lenses for aesthetic or practical reasons. The autorefractor keratometer is an essential device for ordering the appropriate contact lenses. The autorefractor keratometer takes so-called keratometric readings, measuring the size of the cornea and iris to aid in selecting the ideal contact lens. For expedience, we refer to the process as a curvature measurement, though it is not a completely accurate term.

Slit lamp


The slit lamp is another essential piece of equipment when ordering contact lenses. Through the lamp, we check the quality and quantity of tears, the eyelashes and generally determine whether you are a candidate for contact lenses. The lamp has a large screen on which your companion can watch the procedure if you wish.

Keeler TonoCare Tonometer


Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases (glaucoma of various types) that damage the optic nerve which transfers an image from the eye to the brain. The tonometer measures intraocular pressure inside the eye, which is the main risk factor for developing glaucoma. Testing with the TonoCare Tonometer is painless as it does not come into direct contact with the eye and there is no need for a local anaesthetic. You feel a light “puff” of air and the accurate measurement is obtained immediately. It is part of your vision’s primary care, but is in no way a substitute for thorough examination by your ophthalmologist which includes a test of the optic nerve with a fundoscopy and visual field testing.

All measurements take place at our specially designed premises, fitted with blinds to ensure privacy. There is also a wide entrance with a ramp for persons with mobility issues, and wheelchair and baby pushchair access.

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